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A lever-activated puzzle

Co-op Moves are abilities that can be performed by Mickey and Oswald together to pass certain obstacles in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.

Co-op Moves

  1. Player Toss: Press the co-op button to throw the other player in the air. It is useful to reach a high ledge that nether Mickey or Oswald could traverse.
  2. Partner Caller: When playing alone, Mickey can press the Co-op Button the have Oswald come over to his current location.
  3. Helicopter Glide: Mickey can grab onto Oswald's feet when gliding, thus allowing Oswald to fly over a large gap without leaving Mickey behind.
  4. Rotating Turnstile: Mickey and Oswald can rotate turnstiles together to make the platform move.
  5. Crossing the Streams: Refer to the article: Remote.
  6. Oswald's Luck: Mickey's Remote/Controller will rumble when Oswald is wearing the Gremlin Costume.
  7. Lever-Activated Puzzles: While Mickey pulls certain levers to reveal switches, Oswald can activate them.

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