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Upon finishing your first visit to Space Voyage, Oswald will tell you that the Mad Doctor sabotaged the Rocket that Mickey, Oswald and Gremlin Gus were about to use to escape Wasteland and stole three parts. The parts are taken by three bosses; Petetronic, Animatronic Captain Hook and The Mad Doctor himself.


  1. The disc is located on Space Voyages roof. Petetronic will attack you and keep you from getting the disc. After you Redeem or defeat him, you can run to the center of the arena and collect the part.
  2. The joystick is on the Jolly Roger. After defeating or redeeming Hook a secret door opens revealing a chest containing the part.
  3. The fuel tank is in the attic of Lonesome Manor. Defeat the Mad Doctor (even though he returns in the sequel) and in a cut scene, Gus will give you the part.