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E-Tickets are currency in Epic Mickey.

Various E-Tickets that can be found in the games.

Mickey can hold as much as 1,000 tickets in the beginning of playing the game; as the game progresses, collecting film reels may increase the number of tickets Mickey can hold if you talk to the usher on Mean Street. In addition, Mickey can purchase an upgrade for a wallet to hold more E-tickets in various shops found in Wasteland; particularly the Mean Street Emporium. For a fully upgraded wallet, Mickey can hold no more than 3,000 E-Tickets. E-Tickets are used as currency to purchase various items, such as upgrades for health and paint, and to purchase extra content and missed robotic parts of Donald, Daisy and Goofy if not found in the various worlds. E-Tickets are also used as currency for Mickey to use with interactive characters to help him along the way. Gremlins and other characters may offer assistance with quests to buy items Mickey may need (such as a flower for Clarabelle's missing flower, and aiding Mickey to stop a whirlpool when raising the fire bridge). E-tickets can be found by thinning out areas (such as walls and buildings) where they might hide, or by using the spin move to break open boxes, crates, barrels, lamp posts and even green flora plants within the various worlds.

E-Tickets make a return in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, where they are used in the same way.


  • Redet (1) Red (worth 1)
  • Redet (2) White (worth 10)
  • Redet (4) Green (worth 30)
  • Redet (3) Gold (worth 100)


Gremlin Village

Gremlin Calvin: Given if he rescued him from Dark Beauty Castle.

Mean Street

Big Bad Pete: Given if he helped Small Pete and the Small Pete Pin.

Big Bad Pete: Given if he gave Petetronic thinner and the Defeated Petetronic Pin, but he is not happy about it!

Big Bad Pete: Given if he restored Pete Pan, along with a Spark and the Hook vs. Pete Pan pin.


Telephone: Given if he dialed 726 in Mickeyjunk Mountain.

Gilda: Given if he returned her axe from Mickeyjunk Mountain, along with a Spark.


Animatronic Daisy: Given if he found her scrapbook from Mean Street.

Bog Easy

Ian: Given if he sold Louis' Courage to him.

Non-anthropomorphic characters

Gremlin Village

Tim's Park: Given if he destroyed the Spinning Cup ride by filling the Pump with Thinner and it's inside a chest, but that was not very nice! Tim is very upset and he doesn't like him for it.

Jungle Boat Ride: Given if he painted all the hippos in the Boat Ride.

World of Gremlins: Given if he used paint on the Pump and the gate will open.


  • Gold E-Tickets feature Oswald instead of Mickey.
  • At the Disney theme parks when they first opened, instead of using one pass for everything,you would use A,B,C,D,and E-tickets. E-Tickets were for the 'best' stuff, like for the Haunted Mansion or It's a Small World. They were 85 cents for adults,and 75 cents for children.
  • Assuming these prices were kept in the game, Mickey can hold a total of $2550 or $2250 worth of E-tickets, without taking inflation into account.
  • In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two's game files, there's a texture for a yellow, non-Oswald e-ticket. Yellow eticket

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