Soundtrack cover

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Soundtrack consists of 24 tracks and was released November 13th 2012.

Track Listing

1. Yen Sid’s Lab

2. Opening – Mad Doctor

3. Mean Street

4. Building a Building

5. Floats

6. Meet Daisy

7. Disney Gulch

8. Music Land

9. I'm Falling Apart – Mad Doctor

10. Skeleton Dance

11. Blot Dragon

12. Prescott and the Pumps

13. Floatyard

14. Intro to Blot Alley

15. The Mad Doctor Isn't Mad – Mad Doctor and Oswald

16. Dioramas

17. Prescott’s Machine

18. The Fall of Prescott – Mad Doctor, Prescott, Big Bad Pete and Daisy

19. Ventureland Combat

20. Autotopia Exploration

21. The Mad Doctor’s Plan – Mad Doctor

22. The Mad Doctor’s Attic

23. That's What Heroes Do – Mad Doctor, Oswald and Mickey

24. A Hero’s Second Chance – Cole Plante (Bonus Track)

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