The Epic Mickey Paintbrush and Thinner Protection Pack is a special set released for Epic Mickey, for use with the Nintendo Wii console.

It comes with a Wii Remote and Nunchuk protector, featuring designs from the game. It also transforms the Wii Remote into a replica based off Mickey's Paintbrush, which glows as you play. The Nunchuk cover uses the 'inky' effect commonly used for Epic Mickey promotion.

Manufacturer's Description

Wii Remote protector

  • Replica of the gaming paintbrush that Mickey uses throughout the game.
  • Magic glowing paintbrush: no batteries required (powered by the Nunchuk port)
  • Trigger opening: each time the trigger is pressed, the tip of the paintbrush lights up in blue, and Mickey projects blue paint on-screen.
  • Slots allowing for use of the infrared pointer and inserting the wrist strap.
  • Nunchuk port opening for connecting the Nunchuk.

Nunchuk protector

  • Double-layer protective cover crafted of transparent ABS (back-painted), in line with the artistic look selected by Disney.
  • Accessible C and Z buttons: the Z trigger lets you project thinner at enemies or game scenery to destroy them.