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Ezra is an anthropomorphic dog who hangs around OsTown in Epic Mickey.

In Epic Mickey

After Mickey returns from Tomorrow City, Horace gives him the "Detective Mickey II" Quest. Just like the first time, Mickey has to paint in the thinned-out footprint trail that leads to the culprit. That culprit is Ezra. If all the prints are painted in, Ezra is surprised at Mickey's arrival and asks if he's a friend of Horace. He then hands over the missing flower. If the trail is incomplete, Ezra denies that he did anything and offers to sell the flower for 50 E-Tickets.

According to Ezra, Paint used to flow out of the Oswald statue in the middle of town until the Thinner Disaster. Also, Ezra once tried to wash his clothes in the fountain, but since Thinner flows from it now, his clothes dissolved. Ezra also wants to someday own a house in OsTown.

In Epic Mickey 2

Ezra or Abner reappears in the sequel. He or Abner is referred to as Male Dog, as with most dog NPCs in the game. He says something about OsTown being so quiet before the OsTown Train Station was built.