the issue cover

On October 12th, Game Informer published their monthly issue with information about Epic Mickey as their cover story.


The issues had a Skate 3 first-look, an in-depth, seven-page report on the relationship between Hollywood and video games, interviews with executives from all three console manufacturers about the future and current success of their products. But the issue of Gameinformer's biggest attraction was the in depth coverage of Epic Mickey, from Warren Spector. Which also included his info on his Disney memorabilia collection that he had collected over previous years.


Game informer also published all the research it had gathered on it's official website.

5th "Epic" November Issue Revealed Warren Spector and the Disney Collection - Feature Warren Spector and the Disney Collection - HD Video Interview

October 9th Rise of an Icon: A Pictorial History of Mickey Mouse

October 12th Sketching Mickey: The Time Lapse Video

October 15th The Art of Epic Mickey [ In His Own Words: A Profile of Game Creator Warren Spector Junction Point: A Studio Profile]

October 19th Inside the Game: An In-Depth Look at Epic Mickey's Art and Animation

October 23rd An Interview with Warren Spector

October 26th Anatomy of a Screenshot

October 28th Audio Tour with Warren Spector