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Gather the Flowers is a quest found in Ventureland given to Mickey by Damien Salt.

In this quest Mickey will have to pick up at least 3 different kinds of Flowers in OsTown and/or Mean Street, in order to complete the Quest "A Pirate's Love".

Ostown Flower Locations

  • One Flower is under Clarabelle's lawn. (In the cave which you should have seen before) Just thin it out and there it is.
  • Second one is in a cave behind Clarabelle's house. Just thin it.
  • Third is found left of the Gag Factory, along the wall in a hidden cave. Thin it.

Mean Street Flower Locations

At Mean Street you can thin out three trees to find them. Also, if you do not feel like using up some of your thinner supply, you can just jump on the trees.

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