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Pete says he didn't do it on purpose, but I don't believe him! He's been such a bully in the past, you know?

–Gremlin Bennet, Epic Mickey

Gremlin Bennet lives in Gremlin Village. He is angered by Small Pete, who crashed his boat into the village, certain that it was a purposeful attack. He will point Mickey to Small Pete's boat where his Ship log is located. If Mickey shows the log to Bennet, he will tell all the other Gremlins.

Later when Mickey meets Small Pete again, he will give the mouse his treasure. Also, when Mickey reaches Mean Street, Pete will give Mickey lots of E-Tickets, and the Small Pete Pin.

In Epic Mickey 2

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, when you get to Mean Street North, if you go atop the Ice Cream Parlor, there is a gremlin named Yellow Gremlin. He says he can't talk, because Gremlin Jamface wanted the Gremlin Hut repaired.

Another Yellow Gremlin is trapped in the Clocktower Diorama in the Train Tunnels and in the heavily wooded area of Fort Wasteland. It is possible that one of these Gremlins is Bennet.