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"Well, I guess you are not a partner of Small Pete! I'll repair the boat ride for you."
―Gremlin Braun[src]

Gremlin Braun is a Gremlin who lives in Gremlin Village. He's trapped in the beginning of the Asian Boat Ride in the World of Gremlins. He's the first Gremlin you'll encounter there; Gus even points him out to you!

He sits atop the Japanese paragoda. Spin the gear on the lower level to access the second level, then climb on the machinery to the top level. After he's freed, Braun concludes that since Mickey freed him, he's not a friend of Small Pete. As thanks, Braun starts up the boats in the area, which Mickey has to use to navigate from island to island. Braun is also the one to tell Mickey about the mysterious "Fire Bridge," which turns out to be a giant dragon float.



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