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Gremlin Cages are cages that contain trapped Gremlins. They can be found all throughout Wasteland, as Mickey Mouse travels on his quest. They can be broken by using Oswald's electricity and then Mickey's spin attack before the shield can turn back on.


Gremlin Cage

The cage imprisoning Gremlin Calvin and the first Gremlin Cage that you come across in the game.

In the beta version of the game, Gremlin Cages had two metal plates as the top and bottom, connected by metal bars similar to those found in jail cells.

In the final game, the Cages still have the metal plates, but instead of jail cell-like bars, thay have metal bars connected by glass plates.

In the graphic novel, the one cage that appears (Gus') is completely metal and not see-through.

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, the addition of an electric forcefield has been added, and Oswald will need to use his remote to neutralize the electricity whilst Mickey smashes it open. However, the forcefield will re-activate once Oswald the Lucky Rabbit breaks the correction.


After the Thinner Disaster happened, the Gremlins still battled the Blot's forces. Since the Mad Doctor was an ally of the Blot, he invented cages to imprison the Gremlins. According to Bennet, the reason that the Gremlins can't simply teleport out is that Doc designed the cages specifically to prevent this, although how they prevent it is unknown.


Gremlin Cage in Epic Mickey 2

When Mickey arrives in Wasteland, he encounters all of the caged Gremlins. If he chooses, he can break them out of prison. If he frees all 30 of them, near the end of the game ("Inside the Blot") Gus gives Mickey the Special Gremlin Guardian Pin.

If you did not free all of them or, even worse, none of them, they presumably stay trapped inside after the events of the game.

Caged Gremlins in Epic Mickey

  1. Calvin
  2. Trigo
  3. Habel
  4. Hyperion
  5. Pinza
  6. Braun
  7. Sam
  8. Herman
  9. Ditto
  10. Kip
  11. Ronald
  12. Starr
  13. Wilco
  14. Roger
  15. Apollo
  16. Sparks
  17. Nova
  18. Epsilon
  19. Delta
  20. Omega
  21. Markus (required; doesn't count for Pin)
  22. Marc
  23. Buzz
  24. Erik
  25. Neville
  26. Haig
  27. Sydney
  28. Jumbo
  29. Jarvis
  30. Ferdinand
  31. Stuffus


  • Early animations shown in a behind-the-scenes video hint that Gremlin Gus was originally going to be trapped in a cage at some point.
  • The cage the Sprite is trapped in is similar in appearance to a gremlin cage.