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I will express my gratitude when an opportunity presents itself. Good day!

–Gremlin Habel, Epic Mickey

Gremlin Habel is a Gremlin who's caged in the Jungle Boat Ride. After you exit the room that you entered after defeating the first Sweeper through the top exit, Habel is on the other side of the ride.

To get to him, cross the first bridge, deal with the Spatter, and jump to the alcove with his cage. After he's free, Habel will help you at the end of the stage by activating one of the cranks that opens the doors and drops the Sweepers into the Thinner. If you also freed Trigo, Hyperion, and Pinza, he, along with them, repairs the last platform, allowing access to a Silver Pin.

He refers to himself as "Able Habel" as a catchy rhyming title.