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Gremlin Jamface is a Purple Gremlin that was supposed to make his debut appearance in Epic Mickey, but was removed for unknown reasons.

He was to appear caged in the early stages of Dark Beauty Castle at the beginning of the game alongside Gus (who was originally supposed to be caged just like the other Gremlins) and another scrapped Gremlin named Barry. Either Jamface or Barry would lower a bridge that would make getting out of the area easy.

He makes his first appearance instead in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, where he has a semi-important role in the game. He can be found in Mean Street, which is where remains for the majority of the game. He is also one of only a few Gremlins to appear in an animated cutscene, and one of only 3 Gremlins to have a speaking role in an animated cutscene.

He is voiced by Dana Snyder.

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Mean Street North 1

Gremlin Jamface talking to the heroes.

"GREMLIN JAMFACE- Jamface is Gus' right hand man, and inventor of the projector network that links the lands of Wasteland together. When something needs fixing, Jamface is usually there getting his hands dirty." -Epic Mickey Facebook page description

Even though Jamface was removed from Epic Mickey, he appears in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. He replaces Gremlin Markus from the first game as caretaker of the projector screens. Jamface is first seen in the opening cutscene, where he is shown fixing a projector and later dances with some other residents as the Mad Doctor sings Help Me, Help You. He is also one of the few characters the Mad Doctor points at before he returns his gaze to Oswald.

Players first encounter him personally as they enter the other side of Mean Street, where Jamface explains the strange events surrounding the projectors. He then meets you later near the statue, where he agrees to help you reach the D.E.C. if you give him enough Scrap Metal to repair the windmill. Before he helps you, however, he is shown to have a dislike for Gremlin Prescott, as noted by his tone when referring to him. He will then continuously request more Scrap Metal to help repair Mean Street.

Later, he is found trapped in a snowglobe in the Mad Doctor's Attic. Mickey and Oswald need to rescue him, though it is possible to leave him trapped. Here, he explains that he went looking for the missing gremlins, but became trapped when a Beetleworx grabbed him from behind and stuffed him in the snowglobe. If you free him, he automatically opens the vault for you, positive the answer lies within it, as well as handing you the Ohana pin.

Jamface also gives the player the quest of freeing the captured gremlins throughout Wasteland.


  • Jamface is Gremlin Markus's cousin; this is mentioned by Gremlin Gus in Dark Beauty Castle if the player uses the action button to interact with a table that's to the right as the thinner pool in the room where Oswald gets his Remote control.
  • There is a figure of Jamface made by Dark Horse Entertainment. However, none of the figures in the set resemble the Jamface in the games (although one is wearing purple).
  • Surprisingly, Jamface's name in the Italian version is Furbetto.
  • There is a theory that Jamface is Gus' son or another brother (apart from Markus' father) now that he is Markus' cousin. It is unknown which theory is true.
  • Unlike the other Gremlins who speak in British or Cockney, Jamface speaks with a French accent.
  • Jamface is one of only 4 Gremlins to appear in an animated cutscene.
  • In the original Gremlins book, Jamface is the only other Gremlin mentioned by name besides Gus. This is possibly why he was originally planned to be a 'main' Gremlin alongside Gus at one stage.
  • In the novelisation, it is revealed that Prescott is slightly jealous of Jamface for receiving the most of Gus' attention. Judging by the way Gus spoke of them, it is possible that he and Prescott are brothers.



Jamface Figure Set

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