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"I'd never be able to show my face around here, if I did."
―Gremlin Shaky[src]

Gremlin Shaky is a Gremlin found in Epic Mickey, appearing in Gremlin Village.

He offers the Gremlin Pin to Mickey in exchange for Small Pete's Log, keeping why he wants it a secret. He will not give Mickey the pin if he doesn't give it to him, and instead proves Small Pete's innocence to Gremlin Bennet. If Mickey does give Shaky the log, the Gremlin reveals that he wanted it for reading purposes, and it would be too embarrassing if he's seen reading it after Small Pete has been revealed innocent.


  • Gremlin Shaky is in the PC files of Epic Mickey 2, one of the unnamed Gremlins who work in Mean Street North.[1]



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