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"Alright Spatters! Just because Mickey went easy on you doesn't mean I will."
―Gremlin Tim[src]

Gremlin Tim is a gremlin found in Epic Mickey. He was trapped by a Blotling Horde in his theme park.

After the Spatters have been taken care of, he'll shoo them away (if Mickey used Paint) and talk to Mickey, requesting that he fetch his Gremlin Wrench so that he can fix the Elephant and Spinning Cup ride.

Mickey must go up and paint and thin the cogs and go to the Pump. If Mickey uses paint, the ride will work and he'll give him a bronze pin. If he used Thinner, the ride won't work, but this leads to the Golden E-Ticket. If he used Thinner, he is very upset and he doesn't have anything to do. Gremlin Gus will also be disappointed with Mickey for his actions.



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