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"Much better! Gremlins Hyperion, Pinza and Habel are still caged somewhere."
―Gremlin Trigo[src]

Gremlin Trigo is a Gremlin who's caged in the Jungle Boat Ride. He's in a cage just inside the room that you enter after defeating the first Sweeper. Gus even points him out to you!

After he's free, he tells Mickey that his friends Hyperion, Pinza, and Habel are also trapped on the ride. If Mickey frees them, they'll return the favor. At the end of the ride, Trigo helps Mickey by activating one of the valves that opens the doors out of the area and retracts the platforms that the Sweepers are on. If Mickey freed all three of Trigo's friends, the four Gremlins will repair the last platform, allowing access to a Silver Pin.


Strategy Guide Error


  • The strategy guide calls this Gremlin "Tringo". This is likely a typo, though it is also possibly an earlier name.

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