Mickey and Oswald attacking a Beetlework while using Gold Ink. Note how Oswald's Ink is sliding off.

Ink Wells contain Invisible Ink and Indelible (Invincible) Ink. They are found throughout Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. Painting or Thinning Toon will change what the Ink Well contains.

Invisible Ink

Invisible Ink will turn Mickey and Oswald invisible if you go into it. They will not be seen by Blotlings or Beetleworx for a short period of time. They can change the Ink Well to contain Invisible Ink by painting in Toon. Moving too fast, using Mickey's Brush, Oswald's Remote or double jumping will make it slide off faster.

Indelible Ink

By jumping into an Ink Well containing Indelible Ink, Mickey and Oswald will become as hard as a lobster's shell - even thinner will slide off. This is also known as Invincible Ink because they will be invincible for a short period of time. They can get this ink by thinning Toon around them. The coat of ink will break as they move, get hit, jump, and even breaks completely if Mickey spins while most of the ink is on him. Indelible Ink will hinder him run and jump abilities (meaning that he can't jump high and attempting to run at full speed will cause him to trudge slowly).

Normal Ink Well

A Normal Ink Well is an Ink Well with nothing inside of it. Mickey can get these by having a decent balance of items erased and items painted. Paint in or Thin out more Toon to change the Ink.


  • Many Players were confused why Indelible Ink appeared Gold instead of Green (the color of Thinner), unlike Invisible Ink is Blue, corresponding to Paint, likely because with the player covered with "green ink" would look like they're covered with Thinner, which doesn't make sense.
  • Statues pouring ink into the inkwell are Disney Characters such as The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, etc.
Ivisble Ink and Idellible ink

Oswald and Mickey Jumping out of and inkwell (Mickey in invisible ink and Oswald in indelible)

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