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Metairie in house

Metairie in Epic Mickey 2.

Metairie is an anthropomorphic goat who lives in Bog Easy. She can open the gate to Lonesome Manor if you help Louis and Bertrand (whom she refers to as "the boys").

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

In the game she speaks with a French accent. She seems to have ended her friendship with Bertrand as she now calls him a scoundrel. After, Mickey and Oswald make the skeleton spinner friendly or destroy it, she gives you a pin and you are allowed into the Shanty Shop. Later in the game, she's found arguing with Bertrand about who gets a restored building in the Old Town section of Bog Easy, which triggers the A Friend in Deed quest. Once the deed is acquired from Gremlin Sparks, Mickey can decide to give it either to Bertrand or Metairie. If it is given to Metairie, she'll award him with some concept art and encourage him to visit her in her new place when he gets the chance. She'll also give him an additional quest to take pictures for her. 


  • Metairie is named after a real world town in Louisiana, the same state that contains New Orleans, which Bog Easy is based on.