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Mickey running in his house

Mickey's House in the sequel

Mickey's House is a main area in all of the Epic Mickey games, where each story starts off at. So far, he is also always seen asleep in bed with his Alice Adventures Through the looking Glass book. In the first game, it is only seen in the cutscenes, but in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, more of the house is seen and is in fact playable.


The house mainly shows Mickey's bedroom, which is almost exactly how it looks in the cartoon Thru the Looking Glass. It later shows that his house has two chairs, some pictures of Mickey, a kitchen area, and the living room which contains the TV that Mickey has to go through to access Yen Sid's workshop. When Mickey receives the Paintbrush, he must thin his living room wall in order to access Yen Sid's Telescope room. In the sequel, Gremlin Gus will call out to Mickey from his television.


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