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Mysterious Mystery Gems is a quest obtained in Ventureland.

All over the Jungle there are hidden gems. To obtain Animatronic Daisy's next part (without buying it) Mickey should find them and place them in the statues over where the Basher is and fill them in.

Once he finds them and fits them into the tiki heads (two gems go into the heads on the sides and three go into the central two), Gremlin Gus points out that the well is now open above. There is a wooden platform sticking out of one of the central tiki heads. Mickey can jump up onto it and will be able to get to the well above. Inside he will find that the tiki heads are now facing him as well as a blue chest containing Animatronic Daisy's next part. The gems can be found in the following places:

  • One is found directly above the entry projector that can be accessed by thinning out a wall to the right of the entrance.
  • To find another one, climb up on the ledges on top of where the thinnable brown door is (near the 2 Hoppers) and jump across the palm trees to find it in plain view.
  • Beyond the 2 hoppers near the entrance Mickey will find a Thinner river. There is a boat to the right of the paintable bridge on the river holding another gem.
  • One gem can be found by going near Hangman's Tree; it's in plain view.
  • On the part of the map where you find Starkey, there is another thinnable wall that hides another gem.