The Nunchuck Brush is an item made by PDP to celebrate the release of Epic Mickey on the Wii.

The Wii Nunchuck is designed to look like Mickey's Paintbrush. It sold for $10-25 depending on the retailer. A Nunchuck of Oswald's Remote from Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two was also released when the sequel arrived, along with a re-release of the Nunchuck Brush for those who missed out. The re-release was slightly different from the original, lighting up with Thinner and Paint when Mickey uses them.

Publisher's Description

Epic Mickey

Break free from the Mad Doctor's clutches, set out in pursuit of the mysterious rabbit Oswald, and defeat the Evil Blot with the EPIC MICKEY Paintbrush Chuk for the Nintendo Wii System. This iconic collectible is modeled after Mickey Mouse's paintbrush in the game. It features a 3 foot cord and a soft foam tip.

Epic Mickey 2

Bring Epic Mickey The POWER OF TWO game to life with this light-up, Paintbrush for Wii. This collectible is modeled after Mickey's Paintbrush in the game. The brush tip will change color from blue to green depending on whether Mickey is using paint or thinner just like it does on screen. Works like a Nunchuk when playing Epic Mickey The POWER OF TWO.