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Paulie is a dog who is the owner of the Ice Cream Parlor.

Epic Mickey

On the first visit to Mean Street, he borrowed Horace's book from Casey. He sells a Health Upgrade after Tomorrow City, as well as the Ice Cream quest item. Plus, he always sells Health Refills to Mickey. Mickey cannot buy health when his health is full.

In Epic Mickey 2

Paulie appears in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, where he asks Mickey and Oswald to fix his air conditioner. He awards the pair with Scrap Metal after he fixes it. Later, he gives Mickeya quest for bringing the Bunny Children to his shop so he can sell them ice cream by sucking them into modified transport tubes. Ortensia wants all of the children home though resulting a choice for the player.


  • Paulie seems to be one of the many versions of Goofy you can meet in Wasteland.