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Regular Pete

Pete is an enemy found in Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion. They are replicas of the real Pete found in the Toon World, conjured up using Mizrabel's power.

There are 2 types of Pete found in the game.


Pete will walk around sluggishly back and forth. Upon spotting Mickey Mouse, he will laugh, throw back his fists and slam them down. He will laugh again if his attack is successful.

He can be defeated by any attack, Paint or Thinner.

Locations Found

Shell Pete


Shell Pete

Shell Pete will sluggishly move back and forth, though unlike regular Pete, a large, spiked shell covers his back from any direct attacks. Upon catching sight of Mickey, they will lunge in the air in a spinning motion, making them invulnerable.

The only way Mickey can defeat them is by spinning into them, which will cause them to reveal their other side. Mickey can then safely defeat them by bouncing off them.

Locations Found