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Pins are collectible items in Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. In the original game, they do not serve any purpose in gameplay other than just existing for collectors. In The Power of Two however, the pins can be used to free the Spirits of Wasteland.


Basic Pins

Basic pins are shaped like the Epic Mickey logo colored either bronze, silver or gold. Their appearence differs in the second game, with the whole pin being colored instead of just the outline (pictured below). They're found in red treasure chests and given by NPCs after completing certain quests. They're are the most common pins.

Em1 23 tex niftex 0 Bronze Pin

Em1 25 tex niftex 0 Silver Pin

Em1 24 tex niftex 0 Gold Pin

Special Pins

Special pins are given after completing certain major choice-making objectives, meaning it will take multiple playthroughs to make different choices and collect them all. Each Special Pin is shaped like the key person(s), object, or place in the quest that was required to collect it.

List of Pins

Epic Mickey
Full list of pins in Epic Mickey.

Epic Mickey 2
List of special pins in Epic Mickey 2.



  • Most of the pins in the second game are phrases of Disney films (the "Don't Just Do Something, Stand There Pin" is named after something the White Rabbit says in Alice in Wonderland.), Disney rides ( "They Have Their Trunks on Pin" is a reference to a phrase said by the skipper in the Jungle Cruise) or old cartoons ("Silly Symphony Pin" is a refernces to the cartoons of the same name).