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Plutopia image on the projector screen

Plutopia is one of the worlds of the Cartoon Wasteland that have 2D gameplay features. This one is based on the Disney Short "Plutopia".


The short features a color changing backdrop and plenty of platforms for Mickey to jump. The props are made up of many Dogtoy-esque features, so it would look like if it was in the dream of Mickey's dog Pluto. There are certain platforms that, when matching the background color, disappear. To get the film reel of this challenge follow the bones that lead up to a tree, beginning at Pluto's doghouse, and keep jumping to the next bone before it blends in to the background. You also have to attack Milton so he will throw up the sausage which becomes the last platform. In Epic Mickey, it is used to travel between Mean Street and Tomorrow City and its sections along with the short Mickey's Mechanical Man. There are two Plutopia Projector Screens.