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Prescott's Arena is where the Prescott Mech battle takes place. Depending on what route you took in the Floatyard, you will either end up inside the Mech, or on the outside. You are always able to travel back to the outside of the area, but not to the Mech itself. 

First Visit


First visit

On your first visit to the area, you will need to battle Gremlin Prescott the Paint way, which is to fill the tank up with paint and also paint in the gears on the second part, or you can do it the Thinner way, which you could fill the tank with Thinner and then erase the Toon armor on the Mech and throw back the fireballs, or you could just simply thin out the Toon armor if you decide to take the Thinner path through the Floatyard. 

After defeating Prescott in his arena, it'll cause a stream of events leading to the final boss battle.

Second Visit

Though there is no need to go back the arena, you can visit it at any time. On your second visit, you will be faced with Sweepers and a Slobber. You can never return to the inside part of the Mech. Also in the second visit, the player can take a secret projector leading to the Gag Factory (possibly how Prescott transported himself between his arena and Ostown). Behind the Gag Factory, there is a thinned chest containing a gold generic Pin.


  • The main storyline quests do not require you to return to the arena, but if you are on the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 and are trying to get Thinderella, Prince Charming, or Rogues Gallery Trophies/Achievements, this is a very good place to get them. 


Epic Mickey 2 The Power of Two (PS3, Wii, X360) Walkthrough Part 1718:56

Epic Mickey 2 The Power of Two (PS3, Wii, X360) Walkthrough Part 17

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