The Remote is a main story object in Epic Mickey and one of the two main weapons in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.

It functions as Oswald's counterpart to Mickey's paintbrush, and can be used in a variety of ways. Oswald can use the remote to either shut down or reprogram mechanical Beetleworx into allies.

It has been confirmed that it's the same remote to start the fireworks at the end of Epic Mickey when Mickey gets his heart back,and at the cutscene after you fight the Shadow Blot at the three towers in Dark Beauty Castle.

Crossing the Streams

In Epic Mickey 2, with Oswald as another playable character allows the ability to "cross the streams." It's when Mickey's Paint /Thinner stream come in contact with Oswald's Electricity. This will cause a blue spark to flare and the Paint/Thinner and Electricity mixture to form into an energy beam. The beam's direction depends on the angle from which the streams are fired. Ceasing fire of either streams will end the attack. This move is especially effective against many (if not all) enemies.

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