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Slalom is the first location in Gremlin Village in Epic Mickey.


When Mickey gets into Slalom, Gremlin Tiestow will come and greet him. After Mickey talks to Tiestow, there are two ways to open the door. If Mickey paints in the gears, the door will open. If Mickey destroys the flashing gear, the door will open but Tiestow won't be happy. Here, Mickey must paint in the pipes, toon floors, and stairs. In addition, he can thin the gears so that he can go to the exit. Now Mickey must defeat the Spatters. After the Spatters are defeated, the junction point will have an effect for the Tunnels content. If Mickey patched the four pipes, Tiestow will offer Mickey it. If Mickey didn't patch the pipes, steam will come out and he won't get the Extra Content.


  • Spatter