Spatter Spawners appeared in the beta screenshots of Epic Mickey but were left out of the fina
Disney Epic Mickey-Nintendo WiiScreens14353Screen5

The original Spawner is on the left. The "happy" Spawner is on the right (behind Mickey).

l game. They had the appearence of a small gray inert house with a chimney, a pipe leading into it from the ground, and a black Spatter icon above the open doorway. Their purpose was to unleash unlimited Spatters (presumably by the little troublemakers traveling into them out of the ground via the aforementioned pipe and exiting from the doorways), before they were replaced by the pipes in the final game. Since they seemed to be inert (and thus unthinnable) in the screenshots, it is unknown how Mickey dealt with these, if at all (Although it's possible that a spin attack or an Anvil Sketch was the answer).


  • In an early examination of the game by Warren Spector, which can be found as a video on Youtube (, Warren points out in one screenshot a colorful hut that looks like a happier version of a Spatter Spawner. It's possible that Warren was hinting that this Spawner unleashed pre-painted Spatters, who would automatically be allies of Mickey.

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