The Spinning Cup Ride is Wasteland's version of Mad Hatter's Tea Cup Ride in Disneyland theme-parks. It is an attraction in the World of Gremlins in the Ticket Booth area. Gremlin Tim asks Mickey to fix two rides (the Elephant Ride and the Spinning Cup Ride). To fix the Spinning Cup Ride; Mickey must reach the maintenance secret area, paint two pipes and either fill the Paint and Thinner Pump with Paint or Thinner.



  • The Spinning Cup Ride will function properly again and Gremlin Tim will congratulate you on your efforts and reward you with a Bronze Pin.


  • The Spinning Cup Ride will break down and Gremlin Tim will be upset for destroying the ride and look miserably at his destroyed ride. However, you can reach and retrieve the golden E-Ticket from above the ride due to it being destroyed.


  • It is possible that the attraction was meant to be in Wonderland area that was scrapped. It is also possible that it was recreated after the Wonderland area sank.

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