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The TV Sketch is an item Mickey can use to distract enemies. This is the first sketch the player will have.


Enemies can't keep their eyes off


After beating the Slobber in Tomorrow City Lagoon, Mister Rover welcomes Mickey to Tomorrow City and gives Mickey the TV sketch for the very first time. Mickey can either find this sketch or purchase it using tickets he has found along his way. This shows Steamboat Willie, which the Blotlings find irresistible to watch. TV's can also power devices if placed on a pad with a TV symbol. However, like all sketches, it only lasts a limited time.

In addition to distracting the Blotlings the TV works with two other enemies. In Mickeyjunk Mountain for example it will distract the Bunny Children so you won't get slowed down. Also, seeing Mickey, Beetleworx will destroy it, getting zapped, and giving you extra few seconds to spray Thinner or find health refills.

Animatronic Daisy will tell you where to find Donald's Parts if you use a TV Sketch next to her before you go to Lonesome Manor.