Little know fact

They actually kept the hero/scrapper system...sort of. It's much less noticable, but the anti-gravity blot drips are the good/evil indicator; the more bad stuff you do the more drips come up until it's a constant, huge stream of paint going up. I call it 'oozing evil'. Whereas if you do enough good things, Mickey begins to blotdrip leas and less until it stops entirely.

nothing of importance

This was the first page I ever worked on, before I even had an account. This wiki was a lot different then. There were barely any users, the founder had seemingly abandoned it, it was really empty... huh... I first joined on an empty wiki, and my overall experience with Wikia in general has been hollow. Why did I even join in the first place? Why did I do anything I did in 2010? I could have been doing normal teen stuff, but instead I spent all my time on the computer because of that darn school. That darn school from which I learned absolutely nothing. And so I dropped out... Maybe that's why I joined, I was looking for something to accomplish because I wasn't getting anywhere. And where have I gotten now? I'm a hihikomori. This site is a distraction, and it's always been a distraction. I never should have come here at all. --Wikia is mental! NEΘ THETA (Talk | Contributions) 06:50, July 28, 2016 (UTC)

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