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Thanks for the Memories is a quest given by Moody, in which he lost his memories in an accident. He asks you to take some photos to help him remember why he was happy in OsTown. Rigger Greene, on the other hand wants Moody to adventure with him.

Moody's Photo Request (Paint Path)

  1. His painted house.
  2. The Bunny Children (You must do Ortensia's side of The Bunny Wranglers Quest to take this photo, or you can't complete Moody's side of the quest).
  3. Ostown Fountain (After completing Goofy's Fountain Mishap).
  4. Ostown sign.

Once all the photos are given to Moody, he will award you the "Simple Life" pin, forcing Rigger Greene to go adventuring in the Disney Gulch by himself.

Greene's Photo Request (Thinner Path)

  1. Thinner Falls with inkwell (Rainbow Falls)
  2. Train (Disney Gulch)
  3. Bell inside the Cuckoo Clock (Fort Wasteland)
  4. Beetleworx in front of the pirate ship (Floatyard)
  5. Garage (Autotopia )

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