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The Other Side of the Screen is a quest given by Gremlin Flynn in the arcade of Mean Street North.

This quest consists of getting the two pins that represent each of the three boss battles. One of the two of each Mickey can earn it in the battle, while the second one can be bought at the Pin Trader. These include:

  • Blotworx Dragon Battle
    • Paint Path: Friendly Dragon Pin
    • Thinner Path: Ring of Fire Pin
    • Reward: 100 E-Tickets
  • Prescott's Mech Battle
    • Paint Path: Second Chance Pin
    • Thinner Path: Napoleon Complex Pin
    • Reward: 200 E-Tickets
  • Mad Doctor's Ride Battle:
    • Paint Path: Trust the Mad Doctor Pin
    • Thinner Path: Down With the Mad Doctor Pin
    • Reward: 400 E-Tickets

After giving Flynn all these pins, he will give Mickey the Game Grid Pin.