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Mickey using thinner to destroy objects

Thinner is a substance of Epic Mickey that can be wielded by Mickey Mouse. Thinner destroys enemies and is able to melt the Wasteland characters. It can also thin the Beetleworx armors, but cannot destroy them. By using Thinner, Mickey will be tapping into his more "mischievous" side. Using more Thinner will cause Mickey to drip like the Blot. The habitants of the Wasteland will fear Mickey and will be in a sad mood the more Thinner he uses.


Thinner is green and can be used as a solvent to dissolve and destroy foes, buildings and obstacles Wasteland, whether they're good or bad. Thinner is the one of the tools Mickey can use on his quest to become an epic hero.

When using Thinner on other characters, they will get absorbed to the ground. That is, until Mickey uses paint on those characters again.

By using Thinner more often than paint, Mickey will be able to attract Turps. Thinner also replaces water in Wasteland and will hurt Mickey if he touches it. This Thinner replacing the water are called Thinner Seas or Pools of Thinner. At the end of the game, Thinner Pools turn back into clean-fresh water/Paint.


Thinner was one of the elements Mickey accidentally spilled when he was tampering with Yen Sid's desk. With the mix of both Thinner and Paint came the Shadow Blot who defeated Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and took over Wasteland, making it a miserable world for all of the residents after a wave of Thinner splashed down on the residents and lands of Wasteland. Gremlin Gus calls it the "Thinner Disaster ".

Effects on Wasteland and Mickey

  • Mickey will look more "Smudged", meaning that more ink will float off of him.
  • The people in Wasteland will be sad and act negatively towards Mickey.
  • Oswald will act meaner to Mickey.
  • The music will sound either sadder or more menacing.
  • Gus may occasionally tell Mickey off for using Thinner a lot (particularly on residents of Wasteland).
  • In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, Mickey appears to be sad.

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  • Your Thinner capacity can regenerate to almost half its total (shy 1/2 a thinner bucket).
  • Thinner is strikingly based on Dip, the waste where the antagonist Judge Doom use to melt cartoons in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
    • As a matter of fact, two of the ingredients of dip listed in the film - turpentine, benzene and acetone - are, in fact, used as paint and ink thinners.

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