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The Ticket Booth is a location in Gremlin Village by the exit of Slalom in Epic Mickey.
Ticket Booth

The first real attraction in Wasteland.

It is owned by Gremlin Tim. When Mickey enters his park, he is trapped in his ticket booth by a Blotling Horde. Mickey must either redeem or defeat the Horde. The horde has a Seer and a quartet of Spatters. If you redeemed the Horde, Gremlin Tim scares them off, not taking it "easy on them". If Mickey is willing to help out more, Gremlin Tim will tell him that he lost his wrench in a teacup in the Spinning Cup Ride. Mickey must thin it out and get it (You can paint the cup back in; after you found it). Then, Tim will start the ride.


Then, Mickey must climb the The Elephant Ride and paint and thin the cogs, enter a maintenance room, and paint the pipes. Mickey encounters the first Paint and Thinner Pump. If he fills it with paint, the ride will work and he gets the Bronze Pin, but if he used thinner, the ride won't work, but this leads to the golden E-Ticket. If the ride is fixed, Tim will be happy. If it's destroyed, he will get upset and look miserably at his destroyed ride, telling Mickey that "his help is one a Gremlin can do without."