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Tortooga is a location in the Pirates of the Wasteland region based on the pirate town of the same name (Tortuga) in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.

First Visit

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Upon arriving, Mickey and Gus meet Sherman, who tells tham to locate Gentleman Starkey if they want to find Captain Hook. Beluga Billy promises advice if they get his sword back. When Mickey finds the bag, it's filled with rocks. Obviously, the real treasure's been stolen, so Mickey must find the pirate inside a prison and return the sword to Beluga Billy. He will have to find keys to open the jail and free the prisoners; each prisoner will tell you different secrets. The first prisoner will tell you that if he lights all the lamps around Tortooga something will happen. If Mickey does so, several platforms rise from the Thinner sea. There is a treasure chest at the last platform, containing a Bronze Pin. The second prisoner will tell you that if you use your spin move at the well something will happen. The platform on top of the well will be lowered. At the bottom of the well there is a treasure chest containing a silver pin. The last prisoner will tell you where he hid Beluga Billy's treasure and open the room for you.

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